• Created 3 web and mobile products for carriers, drivers, and administrators.
  • Brought them to market, including in both the Apple and Google Play Stores, in less than 8 weeks.
  • Saved the company over $25,000 on their MVP development.
Pay It Forward (PiF) Live
  • A video-sharing platform utilizing artificial intelligence to incentivize users to perform charitable deeds.
  • Fleshed out an end-to-end product strategy in 1 week, a prototype in 3 days, and an MVP in 2 months to test value-creation and growth hypotheses and gain market feedback as fast as possible.
  • Helped company trim months and $65,000 on product development.
  • A Google Chrome extension and interface to automate the purchases of limited stock footwear.
  • Designed algorithm that landed retail items in shopping carts in record time.
  • Scaled and licensed to thousands of users, on a lean marketing budget.
  • Sold company within 2 years of foundation.
  • A decentralized work platform for applications and individuals to source human intelligence on an open market, on-demand.
  • Built MVP dApp on Ethereum testnet within 4 months.
  • A mobile social network for foodies with built-in automatic reviews, designed to provide business intelligence for restaurant chains.
  • A dog-walker and pet-sitter marketplace, built to emulate the success of “Rover” for the Norwegian market.
  • An Alibaba competitor, built specifically for the Middle Eastern market, utilizing big data to create a revolutionary e-commerce experience.
Petly (1776 Accelerator Alumni ‘17)
  • An IoT-powered doghouse that keeps your canine engaged while you shop and enhances customer experience for brick and mortar enterprises.